Welcome to Abarthisti

Abarthisti is the term given to owners, fans and enthusiasts of the Abarth brand and its vehicles.

Our mission is to promote mature, friendly and respectful discussion of all aspects of Abarth vehicle ownership, whether this is through electronic means or real-world events.

While Abarthisti was created primarily with owners of the new breed of Abarth vehicles in mind, Abarthisti also enjoys celebrating Abarth's incredible heritage.

Our activities are centred around our lively discussion forum. Here, we promote a more mature style of discussion, free from arguments or bickering. Members are free to start a discussion on any aspect of Abarth ownership, both good and bad, safe in the knowledge that responses will be thoughtful and considered.

Representatives from much of the official Abarth dealer network can be found contributing to our forums - from trained technicians to dealer principals - and Abarthisti enjoys an excellent relationship with Abarth UK.

In the real world, we organise regular meets and events at venues across the country, and attend larger events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Silverstone Classic.

In short, if you're enthusiastic about Abarth, you're an Abarthisti. This is the place for you.